How it Works

Sign up to be an Ontario PC Party MemberOnly members can vote in the nomination.

Why am I starting so early?

I am starting to campaign early because my goal isn't just to win the nomination, my goal is to become your next MPP. And I know that it will take a great deal of work. I want to reach out to all 50,000+ households in Hamilton East-Stoney Creek before the election in 2022. That will take a long time. That is why I am starting now.

Additionally, while the provincial election isn't expected to take place until June 2022, the nomination election (to determine the Ontario PC Party Candidate for Hamilton East-Stoney Creek) will likely be in Spring 2021.


In order to become the Ontario PC Party Candidate for Hamilton East-Stoney Creek, I would first need to win the nomination within the PC Party. At this point in time, the PC Party has not set a date for the nomination election. Please note that I am not yet an official nomination candidate. I still need to be approved by the  Party.


In order to be ready for the nomination, I need to get Ontario PC Party members to support me and I need to sign people up to become Ontario PC Party members. If you support me, the best thing to do in order to help is to sign up to be a member. Anyone age 14 and over can sign up. Here is the link to the Ontario PC Party Membership Website.


Note that in order to vote for me you have to live in the riding of East Hamilton-Stoney Creek (between Kenilworth Ave. and Fifty Point Conservation Area and Lake Ontario to the Niagara Escarpment) and you would have to be available in-person to vote for me on the nomination day (likely sometime in Spring 2021).

Two other ways you can help are with your money and time. Political campaigns cost money and we are literally starting from the ground up. Running a website costs money, printing literature costs money, and running a campaign in general costs money. If, out of the goodness of your heart, you feel you can contribute then please contact us (289-700-5774 or We are grassroots. If you can donate your time (i.e. volunteer with data entry or postcard delivery) then also contact us.


Map of Hamilton East-Stoney Creek. Source: Elections Ontario.

Provincial Election

If I become the official candidate for the Ontario PC Party, then the next step is preparing for the next provincial election (expected to be held in June 2022). The current MPP for Hamilton East-Stoney Creek is Paul Miller (NDP).

I have never met MPP Miller, but I do know that he has done some great things in his time as MPP such as co-sponsoring a bill in 2010 with Niagara West-Glanbrook MPP (and former Ontario PC Party Leader) Tim Hudak to permanently protect the land near the Eramosa Karst formation. I also admire his dedication and advocacy towards poverty reduction.

However, I am a fresh voice who would seek your input every step of the way. I will hold events in order to hear from you, I will knock on doors, I will call you to check-in, and I will be active on social media. In fact, I have already started reaching out to Hamilton East-Stoney Creek residents. Due to COVID, we won't be knocking on doors but we will be safely delivering little "Get to Know Kevin" cards to your mailboxes and following up with a phone call if we have your phone number.*

You can also connect with me anytime through social media, email, or by texting or calling my cell. Don't believe I will actually respond? Allow me to prove you wrong. Text me now and introduce yourself. I will get back to you ASAP.


*Please note that all phone numbers are taken from publically available information from the phone book. The majority of residents do not have a listed phone number so it will be up to them to connect with us. Your privacy is important and your preferences are important. If you prefer not to be contacted by the Kevin Geenen Campaign then simply let us know (no hard feelings). I promise you that if you let us know then we will not bug you again.