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I will see through completion of Confederation GO and seek to bring increased GO service to the station when complete.


I will consult the community on whether or not there is desire to extend HSR service further east into the Winona region or whether the current Transcab transfer service is adequate.


I will seek to hear and implement resident feedback regarding new large residential developments, including preferred storey limits, traffic changes, green space availability, and parking concerns (for example: Eastgate Mall residential development).


I will work to ensure pedestrian access to Fisherman’s Pier and consult with the community regarding possible rejuvenation plans for the entire Lift Bridge area.

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I will collaborate with all involved parties to ensure the return of in-person community events like the Battle of Stoney Creek Re-enactment for 2023 and preserve these events into the future.


I will consult with the community regarding rejuvenation plans for Wild Waterworks while balancing the financial costs of upgrades.


I will seek to increase the affordable housing and general housing supply, promote secondary-dwelling units, advocate for tenants’ rights, and help develop the missing middle.


I will help strengthen neighbourhood watches, increase pedestrian safety, and improve police effectiveness and transparency. A healthy police-community relationship built on mutual understanding is key.


I believe in protecting environmentally significant areas. Urban forestry strategies, proper sewage treatment, and environmental remediation are also very important. Protecting the environment also requires teamwork and transparency which is why I will prioritize relationships with environmental stakeholders.

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Hamilton has one of the fastest-growing economies in Canada. We need to continue to encourage investment and financial growth.



From housing, to affordability, to safety, to education, it is vital that our community is a place where all families can thrive.


I believe in eliminating spending waste and consulting constituents before money is spent on projects.


I believe in investing in long-term solutions to homelessness and exploring innovative options that balance the rights of the unhoused with the need to keep our communities safe. These strategies include mental health and addiction support, “mini-homes”, and supporting the non-profit work of various organizations.


I believe in protecting the human rights of all human beings. It doesn’t matter who you are, you deserve to be safe, to have autonomy, and to be treated with respect, compassion, and dignity. Advancing Indigenous Reconciliation is also key.


I believe in hearing from the community regarding the prioritization of infrastructure projects. Road construction, bike lane installation, trails, sewer upgrades, and construction projects need to make sense for the community and need to use taxpayer dollars effectively.


I believe in working closely in collaboration with first responders, hospitals, schools, and clinics to improve mental health services. We need to establish the best crisis and out-patient options for our community and work to reduce stigma.


All communities ought to have close access to amenities including trails, sports fields, water fountains, and parks.


Roads are meant to be smooth, they are not supposed to damage your car. I will consistently monitor the state of our ward’s roads and direct funding to the areas that need it most.


I will actively seek to hear input from students and parents regarding the state of Hamilton’s schools, school safety, bullying, and mental health.


I support transit that makes sense. From GO service to HSR, it is important that new routes and projects seek input from the community and make sense for the community.