Support Kevin

There are two key ways to support Kevin:

1. Requesting a Lawn Sign

(Limited to Ward 5 residents only - between Gray Rd and Red Hill Parkway, including the Beach Strip.)

2. Donating Money to the Campaign

(Anyone living in Ontario can donate.)

Request a Lawn Sign

Note that "sign season" is still far off. Lawn signs will be delivered closer to the October 24, 2022 election.


Thank you. Your sign will be delivered during the sign period.


As someone who is relatively young, the second of six children, and from a working-class family, I don't have stacks upon stacks of money to single-handedly finance my own political campaign - I need your help.

In order to run a fiscally responsible campaign, I am only accepting donations through e-transfer or cheque at this time, with preference given to e-transfer. This allows me to save on bank fees and payment processing fees which ensures that your money goes completely towards campaign activities. That is how dedicated I am to fiscal responsibility.

Note that donations to municipal campaigns are not tax-deductible. If you have questions or comments please email or call or text 289-919-5535.


Follow these three steps to donate:

Step 1

Fill out the information form (must live in Ontario):


Thank you. Move on to the next step.

Step 2

Log in to your bank account in a new tab or on your phone and use email transfer to transfer your donation. If donating by cheque, contact the campaign via text, phone, or email.

Send the e-transfer to:

First name: Kevin

Last name: Geenen Campaign

Email address:

If your bank requires a security question, make the answer "October" since the municipal election is in October. Note that the maximum donation amount per person is: $1,200. If you donated to another Ward 5 council candidate, the total amount donated to all Hamilton council candidates must not exceed $5,000.

Step 3

The Kevin Geenen Campaign will email you a receipt to confirm that we received your donation. Thank you for your support.